Message from the CEO

Vision for a sustainable Future

First and foremost, on behalf of the company, it gives me immense pleasure to extend our warmest welcome to everyone visiting this beautiful paradise island – Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is proud of its long standing culture, tradition, heritage, and the unique eco system. Yathra Eco Trails aims to ensure that its natural environment, historical and cultural heritages are passed on  the global community & the future generations by creating tours that provide the opportunity to “touch”, “explore”, “discover”, and “learn about” the uniqueness Sri Lanka has to offer.

We aim to give our visitors the authentic picture of Sri Lanka – portrayed in the pristine rainforest, the smell of delicious local cuisine, and the warm greetings of the people in the street. We believe eco tourisms hold the promise of sustainable growth in all aspects of the country and it’s a viable model of responding to local community and environmental needs.

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